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Magnetostrictive liquid level meter
Magnetostrictive liquid level gauge is a high precision liquid level continuous measurement, using the principle of magnetostriction, real-time detection of surface and the interface height and has the advantages of high measuring precision, fast response time, good reliability, installation, maintenance is convenient wait for a characteristic, widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, food, pharmaceutical and other fields.
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Working principle
Magnetostrictive liquid level gauge structure is shown in the following diagram. During the measurement, the circuit unit generates a current pulse, which is transmitted along the waveguide and generates a circular magnetic field. The outer tube is equipped with float, float with the liquid level change and move up and down along the outer pipe. The float is provided with a plurality of permanent magnets, so float also generates a fixed magnetic field. When meet current magnetic field and float magnetic field, resulting in a "twist" or "return" pulse, pulse. Sensor will detect the "return" of the pulse, according to the current pulse and "return" the time between pulses, by microcomputer to calculate the float of the actual position, thereby measuring the liquid level or level.
Schematic diagram of working principle
Main technical parameters
1 measurement range: 200~5000mm
2 power supply: 24VDC (9~32V)
3 output: 4~20mA two wire system, with HART Communications
4 accuracy: + 1mm
5 repeatability: 0.5mm
Load capacity: 6 = 500 omega (24V power supply)
7 display: 5 LCD LCD display
8 working temperature: -40~200
9 ambient temperature: -50~65
10 nominal working pressure: -0.05~10.0MPa
11 working medium density: 500~1800kg/m3
12 process connection: G3/4 (must be inverted) HG20592-97, DN50 above
13 explosion proof mark: CT6 flameproof intrinsically safe Exia II Exd II BT5
14 enclosure protection: IP65 (IP67 or IP68) can be done according to customer's requirement
15 electrical interface: 2 NPT1/2 internal thread
16 wetted material: stainless steel 304, stainless steel 316L/ PTFE

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